Meet Emma: Our Ace Administrator!

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As AGM’s Administration Coordinator, Emma provides essential administration support to the office and its clients. She is involved with all aspect’s of AGM including membership, events and training. In addition to admin support, Emma also responds to all general inquiries.

We put Emma through the toughest questions in the business…

What is your favourite food? Mixed Kebab and Chips 🥙 at the moment, but when I am being good my healthy option would be salmon, prawns and spinach. 🥗

Which four individuals, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party? My best friend, my mum, Queen Victoria, Melissa Joan Hart.

What is your favourite film? You’ve got mail.

What is your favourite animal? Dogs and giraffes and frogs…I can’t choose just one! 🐶🦒🐸

How long have you been working at AGM? I have been here since August 2019.

What does your role typically include?  In my role at AGM, I try and make sure I support all departments to help keep everything running smoothly. Because of this, my role at the AGM is extremely varied, which keeps me very busy! I help support Sarah, our Membership Secretary, with membership tasks which is a very busy role in itself! I also assist the accounts team in chasing debtors for payments. As well as this, I process event booking forms for the multiple events we manage throughout the year.

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life involves? Because my role is so varied, I don’t have a typical day. Everyday begins with a coffee and email checking, the rest happens as I go along!

What is your favourite part of your role?  I really enjoy getting stuck into a large project. Once I am emerged, I like to see it through correctly.

What is your best memory of AGM so far? More often than not, we are powered by cake and sweets in the office, which is great! I also really enjoyed our trip to a pottery painting cafe, which included a few large wines! 🍷

Where could we find you outside of work? I have two young children. So, after work is a busy rush of kids clubs and fitting in some mum time at the gym. At the weekend, we love to do trips out with the children such as walking, seaside trips, swimming, usually followed by a roast on a Sunday, which luckily my husband cooks and tidies this up! 🍽  I will be found of an evening on the sofa with my old boy Cavalier King Charles, gin in hand, binge watching Netflix.🍸

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