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Planning an event can be a daunting task, with multiple factors to consider to ensure your event doesn’t miss the mark. AGM have a checklist which helps avoid any turbulence during the event planning journey.

To make your life even easier, get planning well in advance and start the planning process with at least 6 months to go. This gives you all the time you need to organise every detail to make the day run as smoothly as possible.

6 months before:

  • Establish the event brief, objectives, goals and responsibilities.
  • Set up a realistic financial budget and allocate funds accordingly.
  • Pick a date and define your guest list so that you can estimate numbers.
  • Research suitable venues, considering both the budget, total number of guests and any extra requirements you may have, such as guest accommodation and audio-visual equipment.
  • Research speakers and entertainment for the event.
  • Establish a promotional material strategy. What will the promotional material look like, what does it need to include, who needs to see it and how will it be used?
  • Will there be any promotional items that need to be professionally printed? Make sure you know the timescale and deadlines for these so you can avoid any last minute scrambles.
  • Establish your social media strategy. Ask yourself the following questions: who is your target audience, what posts do you want to make, do you need to create any content for these posts, and how are you going to schedule these posts?
  • Draft a social media/promotional calendar and plan when you will be publishing each post.


3 months before:

  • Ensure all promotional material is ready, such as invitations and event details.
  • Ensure any printing for required materials has been booked.
  • Draft up the agenda or itinerary and ensure speakers or event entertainment have organised their presentation/ acts.
  • Finalise details required for anything extra such as AV equipment, the registration process and signage, for example.
  • Double check any parking, transport and accessibility details. Circulate information on this to confirmed guests.
  • Ensure the social media strategy is being implemented and targets have been met so far.


One week before:

  • Finalise the event agenda and circulate to your attendees.
  • Send the final guest count numberes to the venue, with all the details required, such as food allergies/intolerances etc.
  • Organise the table plan and brief the venue in case this will impact their service. Also brief guests so that they are aware of where they are sitting before the big day! This will save a lot of time and blank faces when it comes to sitting down for a meal.
  • Print name badges and organise in a logical manner so that registration runs smoothly.
  • Print extra blank name badges just in case – there’s always one!
  • Also print multiple lists of delegates attending. Organise one alphabetically by name, one by company and one as per the table plan. Multiple copies will ensure no one is missed!
  • Print copies of speeches and presentations.
  • Post social media updates summarising the details of the event.
  • Start a countdown and plan to post each day to build up enthusiasm for the event.
  • Organise delivery for items to be sent to the venue. Where possible, organise for a return pick up to send the items back to you after the event.


On the day:

  • It’s the big day, there’s no better time to make a big song and dance about it! Post the final countdown post on social media and build up the excitement.
  • Check in with the venue and ensure the set up is exactly how it needs to be. If necessary, help with set up.
  • Run through the timings with your contact at the venue.
  • Test the AV equipment to make sure it is ready for any presentations etc.
  • Ensure signage is displayed correctly.
  • Ensure the registration area is set up correctly.
  • Post some pictures on social media of the set up and reiterate the details for the event just in case.
  • Welcome guests and help with registration.
  • Once everyone has arrived, let the venue know and have a well-deserved sigh of relief!
  • Post on social media some pictures of guests enjoying the event (where appropriate).
  • Help with any presentations and speeches (if needed).
  • At the end of the event, speak to the venue host and say thank you.
  • Pack up any items that need to be taken away from the venue and ensure they are ready for collection (if needed.)
  • Round up the day by posting a thank you on social media to all guests who attended.
  • … and relax!

For an event planning consultation or full event support contact AGM today on 01420 417610 or email to see how we can help you plan the perfect event.


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