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For some, the world of social media and marketing is a baffling one, but it’s no surprise! There is a lot to keep on top of in the marketing world. The ever-changing industry has multiple algorithms, platforms and features, not to mention the keywords, strategies, best practices and blogs (just like this one!) that you need to stay up to date with. That’s enough to send anyone into a mini meltdown.

Let’s be honest, your time is precious. You’re already trying to balance running a business, so where can you find the time to learn how to do all this stuff as well? Marketing, is, however, essential for representing your business at the top of your industry, helping to engage clients and in turn, grow your business.  There’s so many questions: where do you start, what platforms do you need to use, how often should you post, how long should your articles be, and do people really read this stuff?

A simple solution would be to hire an experienced, all singing, all dancing marketing professional. “Fabulous”, you say, “where do I find one?”. Before you jump the gun, hiring an experienced professional will set you back at least £80k+! An eye-watering amount that most small-medium sized businesses simply can’t afford.

Consider the options:

Option 1: You definitely could employ an experienced marketing professional and turn the heating off to scrape together the pennies to pay for them. Brrr… ❄

Option 2: You could consider hiring a marketing junior who will arguably cost you less (you’ll be much warmer too), but they may lack the training you need. The likelihood in this case is that they won’t know enough, given their experience, to truly understand your marketing needs, and take this on alone.

Option 3: Another option is to find a marketing freelancer. Unfortunately, freelancing isn’t without its own flaws. Someone will need to coordinate the freelancer, and who has the time in their role to oversee this? Certainly not the CEO!

Option 4: What about outsourcing to a traditional marketing agency? Again, this is not without its flaws. Agencies can be costly and fussy about the projects they work on, with some shying away from ‘smaller’ and ‘less profitable’ projects. So, it seems your either stuck with an agency that won’t do the work in the first place, or an agency that will, but will charge you the big bucks to do so.

With that, you’ve reached a stalemate. Despair sets in, and before you know it, you’re writing marketing off as a luxury you cannot afford.

Don’t despair!

Instead, imagine you had a genie that could grant all your marketing wishes. Not just your marketing wishes, but your social media, website and blog content dreams too. Too good to be true? Who could possibly write and publish your social media content, whilst also engaging with followers? As well as simultaneously managing your website, keeping it continually optimised, encouraging more relevant website traffic reaches your site? Who could design and deliver bespoke company e-mail newsletters to customers, plus more?!

An illusive dream? Not at all!

At AGM, we defy the odds and resist the typical methods presented by freelancers and other marketing agencies. Our approach to marketing requirements of small and medium businesses is unique in that it is wide-reaching and exhaustive.

Marketing doesn’t need to be a time-consuming, headache. Call us today on 01420 471610 to speak to one of our expert team members or email us at admin@agmhouse.com to discover how AGM can eliminate your marketing stress and help your business achieve its full potential.


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