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As the Marketing Assistant for AGM, Chloe helps create and deliver marketing and design campaigns, in addition to managing all social media platforms for various clients. Chloe also provides onsite event support as required.

We put Chloe through some of the most grueling questions to find out more…

Favourite Food: Burritos! Or any Mexican food, really…

Which four individuals, living or dead, would you invite to a dinner party?: The Rock, David Attenborough, Michelle Obama & Beyoncé

Favourite Film: Any Disney films! 👸 My favourite is Hercules.

Favourite Animal: Sausage dogs – they look hilarious when they run, and I can’t get over it. 🌭

How long have you been working at AGM? I started working for AGM in September 2019. I joined AGM at a really busy time, so I definitely learnt how to adjust to the fast-paced office environment very quickly! Within the first 3 months of working at AGM, I had already attended meetings and events for our clients. This really helped me to gt to know the clients and how they run.

What does your role typically include? As the marketing assistant, my role primarily involves designing and delivering marketing campaigns for our clients to help them raise awareness of their company and what they are doing. I also manage all social media platforms for our clients, making sure these stay up to date.

Can you tell us what a typical day in the life involves? First things first: coffee. ☕ After I’ve made myself a coffee, I’ll turn my computer on and check my emails. After actioning any emails that may have come in, I’ll go through all the social media channels we manage to check for updates, respond to messages or tweets and post any updates that need to go out. I’ll then focus on my to do list which will show everything that is going on with each company and what needs to be done. This may be a newsletter that needs to go out, a brochure that needs to be designed or an article that needs to be drafted for a publication. I try to split my time evenly between projects for each company whilst also checking in on social media periodically throughout the day.

What is your favourite part of your role? I really enjoy designing the marketing campaigns and being creative. There’s something really satisfying about brainstorming ideas and seeing it come together. As we are also an event management company, I also enjoy helping Emma with the marketing and social media for the various events we do.

What is your best memory of AGM so far? – We were lucky enough to be treated to a trip to Longleat Safari Park for our Christmas party and it was such a brilliant day. The best part by far was getting to go into the Giraffe enclosure and feed them! 🦒

Where could we find you outside of work? – For my New Year’s Resolution, I decided to try and start running and actually stick to it… so far, so good! I also started going to park runs every Saturday morning for a 5k run. It’s really horrible whilst you’re doing it, especially the really steep hill in the middle, but the drunken rush of endorphins you get after you’ve crossed the finish line and managed to scrape a few seconds off your time is great. I’ve also recently started going to kickboxing lessons. It’s a little bit out of my comfort zone, and really hard, but it’s a lot of fun and where else can you say you’re actively encouraged to kick things? 🏃‍♀️️🥊


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